We are passionate about renewable technologies and energy efficiency.

Established since 1995, Engenius is amongst the longest standing sustainable energy companies in the UK. We are deeply invested in the transition to a low-carbon economy. In that time, we’ve seen renewable energy go from the fringes of feasibility into a worldwide movement, with new techologies and opportunities uncovered constantly. Our company specialisation is in facilitating sustainable energy for companies and individuals: supporting and informing on the best way to achieve sustainability, and providing installation and maintenance services on a suite of technologies.


Our vision is to see full democratisation of energy in the UK.

The term ‘energy democracy’ is a recent one – but we feel that as a concept, it encompasses all that we work towards. It refers to the empowering of energy consumers and their communities: enabling them to choose how they power themselves, and enabling them to profit while supporting the transition to a sustainable environment. As a concept, it arrives at the intersection of opportunities presented by the digitisation, decentralisation, and decarbonisation of our energy supply. In real terms, it involves bringing power generation, control, and oversight to people. This is done through both established and emerging technologies – from rooftop solar and home batteries, through to innovative electricity tariffs and smart home technologies.  





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